Lucky Market Dollhouse
Lucky Market Dollhouse

Lucky Market Dollhouse

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Style: Non-finished
Descripción del Producto

Two bears stroll in the small town market, the market full of the expectation in the sunlight, the beautiful flowers on the stalls, the bright fresh fruits and vegetables, and the soft bread just coming out of the family bakery. These all become the part of them.

About this item

  • Easy to Assemble: Our box theater is very easy to assemble, it is easy to start, just follow the normal process to assemble successfully.
  • Beautifully Decorated: the light scene in warm colors in the box makes the box a more beautiful work of art, this box theater can be a good decoration.
  • Interesting Design: The unique lens of the box theater with a unique color box triggers different scenes and triggers different fun, which is very interesting in the use process.
  • The Perfect Gift: This boxing theater is a good choice for gifting, if you make a gift with your own hands and your heart and give your heart, the gift is very sincere.


  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Fabric
  • Resin


  • 15 x 9 x 3cm

Finish time

  • 1-2 Days


  • Soft fire makes sweet malt
  • It is recommended that children complete this task under the supervision of their parents.
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